Baldone Art School was founded by Baldone Town Council in 1988. Baldone is a town with 5000 inhabitants, situated 35 kilometers from the centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Since 2002 school is accredited as a Professional orientated educational institution with licensed educational program "Visual plastic art". At present more than 100 children acquire skills in drawing, painting, sculpture and other spheres of the fine art and design. Students acquire visual plastic art program parallel to general education. The school year lasts from September till June. In summer "Plain-air" camps are organized for 1-2 weeks. Students are age 7-18 years. There is also a preparatory class for children, starting from age of 5. The course of education is 5-7 years, 2455 hours at all. The pupils graduate school with a graduating project. All teachers at the school have higher art as well as pedagogical education. School from the very beginning is lead by director, sculptor Talivaldis Muzikants and teacher, sculptor, painter Ieva Muzikante.  There are other teachers in the school - painter Inara Visnievska, art scientist Vineta Skalberga, graphic artist Era Zalcmane, computer artist Iveta Aigare and art pedagogue Kristine Krastina-Indane.
Baldone Art School has organized several international art actions in Latvia. Our pedagogues has presented Latvia in the international conferences and the art centers in USA, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and other countries.  Our pupils regularly take part in the various exhibitions and contests of the children art all over the world.  Very often they get the prizes and become the laureates of those contests.
In the summers the practice is used to be organized – it means painting in outdoors.  Baldone art school is a member of Latvian Art School Teachers Association.
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