Latvia Art School Teachers Association (LASTA) is a public organization. The aim of activity is to take part in the elaboration and realization of the policy of cultural education in Latvia, as well as to encourage cooperation of art educators among the EU countries, Latvia and other countries of the world.
Latvia Art Schools Teachers Association brings together educators as well as designers and artists of different branches: specialists of publicity and multi-media, who are invited by art schools for promoting the quality of the educational process.
Latvia Art School Teachers Association takes part in the elaboration and realization of unified policy of art education in Latvia, popularizes achievements in art education, explains their significance in society, organizes seminaries for art teachers of Latvia and other countries, organizes exibitions, competitions and festivals of students creative work, organizes summer camps for pedagogues and students, organizes creative workshops and other activities.
LASTA is a member of the International Association of Art Educators INSEA and collaboration partner of International Children`s Art Fund (ICAF).
LASTA has taken part in collaboration projekts of art and education in Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Finland and Sweden.
Art schools students of Latvia have been promoted to take part in international art competitions and exibitions.
LASTA has participated and the participants have repeatedly been awarded price in competitions of creative work in the USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, the Chech Republic, Greece, Malta, Lithuania and other countries.
At art schools of Latvia students asquire licensed and accredited proffesional basic art education programmes „Visual Plastic Art” and „Design”. In addition some art schools realize education programmes of different interesses.
There are 79 accredited professional basic art schools, where art education programmes are realized. LASTA unites 50 schools.
The educational aim of art schools is to develop a free and creative personality, to develop the students creative possibilities, as well as to teach abilities to realize different art and culture projects.
Students learn to express themselves and to understand art language, art terminology, to understand art genres, styles and creative biographies of artists and the possibility to pursue professional secondary art education in art design secondary schools.
The programme envisages the teaching of drawing, painting, composition, forming, art language.
Separate schools offer possibility for additional classes in ceramics, woodwork, textilies art, metal, leather, glass and other material, in projecting and making environmental objects, graphics, computer graphic, photo, video and making use of other media for realizing their creative ideas.
Students asquire visual plastic art programmes parrallel to general education.
The school-year lasts from September till June, in Summer „Plain-air” camps are organized for 1-2 weeks. The desired age of starting studies is 9-10 years. The course of education lasts for 5-6 years. The pupils graduate schools have higher art as well as pedagogical education. The teachers are being paid by the state. The schools are municipal schools.

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